I wanted to create a simple memory feature for an entity. The world is generated randomly, where an animal can roam around and memorize the world as a map. The animal's memory is visualized in a mini map, where visited areas are highlighted based on the persistency of the area knowledge on the animal's memory.
The more an animal roams around a specific area, the more persistent the knowledge about the area becomes, where as areas that are not visited that often, can be forgotten by time.
Nonetheless, there is a heat map which shows where the animal has spent most of its time while roaming.
I was inspired from  an issue I had on my Minor Skilled Project, where I had to implement some kind of memory to an animal but that was really simple since it took care of memorizing only resources last seen positions.
This is more of a feature/mechanic than a full project, I created this with the hope of expanding my knowledge and finding an easier and more compact solution to this problem, a solution that I can use on my future projects.
Wanderer in Unity2D
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