This is an ongoing semestral school project where me and my team worked for a client that has given us two pairs of motion capture gloves, and has requested from us to test and compare these gloves. Upon testing and comparing, we have to create an entertaining or educational game that can be controlled with these mocap gloves.
I was assigned the task of creating this entertaining/educational videogame that has a Naruto-like theme, where you can craft spells by using ASL (American Sign Language) letters and then use these spells to defend yourself against different elemental enemies.
The pair of gloves that I work with are made from StretchSense and these gloves come with a software called Hand Engine, which offers options of recording hand movements or capture new custom poses, and streaming data into different other platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, etc.

Unfortunately, on the last 2 months of the project, because of the Corona crisis and lockdown rules, we were unable to complete the videogame because we could not work on site at school and therefore did not have access to the VR and mocap gloves tools for further development.

However, it was a really good experience working with VR and motion capture gloves for the first time ever, nonetheless, combining these two technologies into a videogame. 
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StretchSense Mocap Gloves
Early gameplay footage of the current project under development
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